PureSan Hand Sanitiser


A handy travel-sized option, for when you want clean hands on the go!


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THE PERFECT CHOICE: PureSan Hand Sanitiser provides high quality and long lasting protection in a handy travel-sized bottle, for when you want clean hands on the go.

PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Our disinfectant sanitiser contains high quality ingredients. It has a gentle, water-based formula which contains no alcohol, bleach, or fragrance, and is SLS-free, making it 100% safe for you and your little one’s hands.

PROPER DISINFECTION: Quality tested to British and international standards, PureSan Hand Sanitiser packs a powerful punch to eliminate germs, bacteria and viruses, effectively killing 99.999% of all germs within 60 seconds. Unlike alcohol-based sanitisers, PureSan provides ongoing and lasting protection by building up a potent, invisible barrier on your skin which thoroughly disinfects and cleanses leaving your skin feeling refreshed. PureSan provides ongoing protection that lasts throughout the day on your hands.

MOISTURISING EFFECT: Unlike alcohol-based products on the market, our hand sanitiser has a gentle, mild, fragrance-free and pH balanced formula which doesn’t dry out your skin or leave a sticky residue, and has a soothing, hydrating effect, keeping your hands soft and smooth.

TRAVEL-FRIENDLY: Choose from our 2 different sized bottles and order this hand sanitiser in 50ml or 100ml convenient designs, according to your needs. Whether for office, public transportation, home use or while travelling, our sanitiser is your ideal companion.


100ml, 50ml, 5L