Pure Reyn - A New Direction in Protection

Why everyone is using Pure Reyn

Making the right choice in protection for you and your family is important which is why, at Pure Reyn, we place a large emphasis on the importance of choosing high quality and effective protection.

Pure Reyn hand sanitiser and cleaning solutions are powerful on bacteria, germs and enveloped viruses, yet gentle on skin… and which keeps on protecting long after applicationIn fact, our long-lasting solutions are so gentle, they actively moisturise.

Our products are certified to British and international standards, and have also been meticulously engineered by scientists for the aerospace industry and used by the Ministry of Defence over the last ten years, so you can be confident in a government trusted sanitiser and cleaner that has been tried and tested.

Skin kind & gentle

Alcohol free and bleach free for sensitive skin and little hands.

Kills 99.999% of germs & viruses

...within one minute!

Long lasting Protection

Forms a protective layer on skin and surfaces to keep you safer for longer.

100% Tested & Certified

To British and International standards.

Why should you choose Pure Reyn?

If you want quality and long lasting protection, come rain or shine, our PureSan hand sanitiser and PureClean products are here to protect you, your home and business. 

Our PureSan hand sanitiser is an alcohol-free hand sanitiser that is pH balanced, which means it is super gentle without leaving a sticky residue on skin. PureSan hand sanitiser builds an invisible barrier to germs and enveloped viruses that can last throughout the day on skin.

Our PureClean multi-purpose solution is non-flammablenon-corrosiveskin and pet kind, and can be applied to a multitude of surfaces. It provides ongoing protection long after application because it does not evaporate unlike alcohol sanitiser.

Suitable for home and business applications, including settings such as hospitals, care homes, restaurants, schools, salons, and pet shops.

Shining sunlight on the facts...why PureSan Hand Sanitiser is more than alcohol sanitisers

Why alcohol-based hand sanitisers are actually raining on your parade

Contrary to mainstream belief and government guidance, alcohol hand sanitisers can be harmful, hazardous and even flammable! They dry our your hands which can lead to infection. Besides, they only protect you until you touch the next contaminated surface. 

If you were to look at the labels on the other sanitisers and cleaners, you will notice all types of hazard symbols. Some are labelled as flammable, skin irritants, and even listed as hazardous to aquatic life. 

On the contrary, our products are skin kind, not tested on animals and do not cause harmful effects to aquatic life – helping Mother Nature as much as we can. Choosing Pure Reyn products will give you peace of mind that you have the best quality protection for you, your family and your business. Without compromise.